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Who we are

For over 10 years has been designing and building tailor-made solutions to meet the daily challenges of any type of business. Research, innovation and passion are the three elements that have always inspired each step of, helping the company to translate ideas into advanced technological tools.

What we do


We have all the skills needed to create a complete solution: electronics, mobile applications, back-end platforms.
Directly or through our partners, we are able to offer all the necessary technology for the realization of any “Internet of Things” related projects.


Convinced of the importance of technology innovation related to the Agro field, we started important cooperations destined to the development of support solutions to the cultivation and research field. They were born devices with concerned functional characteristics, open and easy to integrate.


Acquire and transmit levels of leachate in a waste disposal plant as well as manage the temperatures in an air conditioned environment, are activities, nowdays, easily implemented with devices designed in the paradigm of the Internet of Thing – IoT. Our Multiconnect ecosystem lets you easily create wireless solutions for telemetry and control in the open field, even on large areas.

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Research and Innovation


projects@lab is the “breeding ground” of, R&D department, the “makers” room. The place to anticipate ideas and projects, where we experience and share new technical solutions.

Hardware design

We use 8, 16, and 32 bits microcontrollers based on several technologies available from the main leading manifacturers, choosing the best one suited for the specific use. We design and manufacture devices in programmable logic for generic use in telemetry and automation or for IoT’s specific architectures. We engineer integrated solutions within the main Linux embedded platforms.​

Software developer

We write software code for mobile devices based on Android and iOS environments, operating also on the most common Linux embedded platforms, server side and client side, with the main programming and scripting languages: C, Java, Python, Node-js etc.  For specific solutions we can develop applications in NI LabView environments.

Cloud & connectivity

Through our partners we can ensure the proper connectivity solution in addition to the necessary cloud services for every specific application. We work, since the beginning, with the support of the Tooway sat technology capable of landing internet connection anywhere in the world. Thanks to the growth of Sigfox network, we have an additional resource for the development and deployment of truly integrated IoT devices.​

Only For Makers

Our Ideas, prototypes and evaluation boards available for engineers and makers.
Devices made to merge with third party open solutions like Arduino or Raspberry. For these products, layout and schematics will be always available.


Our path consists of three main phases

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